Voice search has rapidly grown to at least 20% of search queries in total. This is due to the advancement in technology and voice recognition. SEO firms DC know that you need to dominate voice search if you truly want to be at the top of search engine rankings.

If you want to be one step ahead of your competition, you have to know how to get to the top of voice search results. There’s a massive difference in how people search when they type on a keyboard, on a phone, and when they use their voice.

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Below are some tips that you should keep in mind when you are strategizing on how to dominate voice search.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords were valuable back then, but not as valuable as they are now. When you type on a mobile phone, you want it to be as short as possible while still getting the point through. This is because you want to be convenient while still getting the right results.

With voice search, you are no longer restricted with the speed of your fingers when you are searching. You can just pull your phone close to your face, say the triggering words to open the voice search app, then say what you want it to search.

Long tail keywords have boomed since 2015 due to the rapid growth in usage of voice search. Used to be, people would type “ac services Washington” if they want to find out who can service their AC. Now, they’ll use something that’s verbally correct.


How people perceive voice search is very different from how they perceive text search. When searching through typing, people are more inclined to set their mind to the thought that they are just entering something to get a result from a robot.

Study shows that people speak as correctly as they can to the voice search engine in hopes that they get the best results. When you compare the majority of text search queries to the majority of voice search queries, it’s like comparing the speech of two different literacy levels

People are more comfortable with talking to their devices because, research shows, people love the idea that there’s a human on the other end. There’s a reason why people prefer to call tech support even though there are guides on the internet on how to solve their issues.


Branding may be an issue that you’re going to have to face when it comes to voice search queries. You need the assistance of SEO firms DC to optimize your website for voice searches. Localized results are also affected because people are less inclined to say their location.

A good thing about location is most apps detect the location of the searcher in the first place unless they have toggled that specific setting to off manually. It’s possible to brand voice searches as long as research has been done thoroughly.

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